Made for the Sea



“From the oak trees your oars will be made, and your decks will be of ivory.”

Ezekiel 27:6 (rbk )

When a shipbuilder from times past constructed a vessel, did he build it to keep it on land and on its stocks to keep it safe? Of course not, he built his vessel to go to sea.  He wanted the ship not only to be able to sail from port to port but also handle the different storms and hurricanes it would encounter. If he didn’t ,then he would certainly not have been considered a good shipbuilder.

Like a good shipbuilder or a perfect one that is, God made each of us the way He did, not just to sit on dry land, but rather to go to sea where we can learn how to sail confidently and even survive the severest of life’s storms. In fact, it is the storms of this life that often makes us the kind of vessels God wants us to be: resilient, strong, and long-lasting.

There is no doubt we may become a bit weathered by the storms of this life, but because of the weathering we undergo, we can be depended upon by God and others as well. The stronger the ship, the  more God can continue to fill our cargo bays with His love, His Word on the issues of this  life, and His  message of salvation the world so desperately needs.

If your ship hasn’t launched yet, then get it launched, for the world needs the cargo you will be carrying. And if you are in need of repair then go home for a season and rest, but don’t stay at the dock too long for you were made for the sea.


Rbk stands for Revised by Kent. I revised the Ezekiel verse for the sake of brevity.  Yet in the process of doing so, I tried to make sure the original meaning was not lost.