Parenting Our Children

I wanted to again thank so many of you who encouraged me during my hip surgery in December.    I am back now looking forward to a great rest of the school year with your children.  In retrospect to the parenting responsibilities each of you have, buy viagra search   I share with you some thoughts on parenting that perhaps can help you, click they are drawn from a book I read titled, cure “Boundaries with Kids,”  by Dr. Henry Cloud.    I would suggest you purchase and read this book, it is a great resource.

Parents need a long term perspective

Surely, all parents want their children to be responsible.     In dealing with children, parents sometimes try to just get through the day, or even the next hour!  But if parents could look ahead to the person they are trying to develop,  they would better develop  a pattern of parenting that includes both their child’s present and future.      Remember,  one day your child will be a full grown  man or woman of God.   As an example, It is essential  to  realize that when Johnny or Susie does their homework, it is not just about getting that assignment done for the next day, it is the future you are working toward. (Page 23-24)

Children need to learn how to be loving

Out of the three great virtues of faith, hope and love, the apostle Paul wrote the greatest is love.   Most Christian parents would say they want their children to be loving.   After all,  Christian parents as a whole  recognize the responsibility to be loving.   They do this   by putting the needs of others first.    Children likewise need to be taught this discipline as early as possible.    The challenge with children will be  for them to put their own schoolmates, neighbor friends, and  family members first.    But if they can accomplish it now,  it will pay off later  for them when life gets more challenging.

God speed,

Dr. McClain


Heritage Christian Schools

(December 2007)