Be a Paganini and put your heart into it


Love the Lord with all of your heart, viagra generic soul, viagra sales strength, and mind, and love your neighbors as yourself” (Jesus)  Luke 10:27

Paganini, one of the greatest violinists of the 1700’s in Italy, came out before one of his audiences one evening and discovered right after the opening applause ended that there was something peculiar about the violin he was holding. As discretely as possible he took a second look, and realized this violin was not but a cheap rendition.  At first he did not know what to do; he was almost paralyzed in his spot. He then told the audience that there had been a mistake in the violin he brought out, and that he would be back in a moment.  As he looked back stage, he concluded that his valuable, one of kind violin had been stolen. He then stepped back on stage and said, “Ladies and gentlemen my violin has been taken, but nevertheless I believe that the greatest music does not always come from an instrument, but from the heart.” And so he began to play with the violin with all of his heart, and played as never before.  The audience was amazed for they had never heard such beautiful music.  At the end they applauded so hard and aloud, it seemed as if the ceiling of the roof would come off.

And so it is in God’s kingdom when we put our hearts into serving Him. It doesn’t matter what instruments or means we have to accomplish this, what matters is our heart as we do it. The disciples in Jesus day had very little in the area of skill to do what they ended up doing for God during their time on earth.  By and large they were mere fisherman with little other skills. Yet what they did changed the world, because their hearts were with Christ and focused on spreading His Word with as much zeal as they could.  They were the first generation of Christians to spread the Word; we are likely the last before Christ returns.  So, let’s put our hearts into serving God, so that when He returns He will be able to applaud each one of us for a good job well done.