The Nest (Palm Sunday)



“Though you make your nest as high as an eagle’s, viagra canada ask I will bring you down from there, discount viagra pharm ” declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 49:16

               2.000 years ago when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, case the multitudes lined the streets to celebrate and usher Him as their deliverer.  Too long had they been under the iron hand of Rome; now it looked like the Roman reign was over.  Those who threw palms on the ground that day, had either heard of or saw the great miracles He had done.   Some of those marvelous wonders included healing the sick, bringing the dead to life, feeding thousands with just a few baskets of food, and even quelling a storm.  It is little wonder they demonstrated such confidence in Jesus that day.   But Jesus did not come to be their deliverer over the Romans, His purpose was much greater.  He came to stir their nests, to spiritually move them where they were to where God wanted them to be

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The following illustration about a farmer and a bird’s nest is a way to picture this intention of God, whether it was with those who yelled “Hosanna” as Jesus passed so many years ago, or those who are yelling today for understanding as to why God does what He does, when the opposite was so expected.

A farmer’s attention was drawn to a bird that was busily engaged in building its nest.  Unfortunately the spot it had chosen was in a heap of dead branches recently pruned from some trees.  Realizing that this was a dangerous place for hatching a brood of songsters, the farmer destroyed the work of the industrious bird.  The next day, the persistent mother-to-be tried again, and for a second time the farmer thwarted her efforts.  On the third day the bird finally constructed her nest on a limb near the man’s kitchen door.  This time he gave an approving smile and let it remain.  The unsafe pile of branches from which he had twice driven her was burned long before the bird’s eggs ever hatched.

Like that unknowing feathered creature, we too find that our plans are thwarted and our lives are uprooted at times.  We wonder why God must break up the earthly nests we have struggled and worked so hard to build.  But were we able to see as He sees, we would know that He seeks for us a higher destiny, a place of greater security and provision for our needs.  Oh, that we would learn to trust God in the dark passages of life with a childlike simplicity, never questioning His wisdom and goodness, even when He must create unrest in our nest.                             

Hesitate to question when God does not do what you expect, just expect He knows what He is doing with your nest.  (K)