Musical Rest in Life


               “There is an appointed time for everything, cialis usa ampoule and there is atime for every event under heaven, discount viagra shop even a time to be quiet …” “Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him…”

(Ecclesiastes 3:1, cure 7, Proverbs 37:7)

                     The following article is partially taken from Cowan’s devotional book, Streams in the Desert, January 22nd.  May God use the ensuing insights to help you through the sometime misunderstood silent times in life.  You know what I mean, those days when God seems to be absent or far removed from you.

In a concert or recital there are instances when a performer must implement certain ‘rests’ during the course of a musical piece. There is no music being played or sung during a ‘rest’ time, but that does not mean the musician is not engaged. If the musician plays an instrument for instance, he or she will count during a ‘rest’ time to make sure the beat of the music is kept. This is important for the instrumentalists, especially when it is time to enter back in and play again. To come in off -beat can ruin the rest of the song.

Illustratively this is similar to our lives in relation to what God has for us to  do during our time on earth.  Amidst all that we do for Him, others, and even ourselves, there are intervals when the Lord says, “It’s time to take a ‘rest,’ and just keep beat with what I alone am doing.”  Not to our credit, we get down too often about not being involved and think our part of His song in our lives has come to an end.  It hasn’t!  In fact there is much ahead for us to do but in order to do this well, God gives us these ‘rests’ to prepare us.  Sometimes these ‘rests’ come in the form of forced leisure, unemployment, sickness, disappointments, failures, or frustrated efforts. However, we should not lament over these times, but rather keep beat with what God is doing by praying more, reading His Word, worshipping and fellowshipping with other believers, and simply waiting.

So rest when God calls you to ‘rest’, just as the wise musician does in his or her performance, and don’t fret or panic. And always remember, this ‘rest’ period is for your benefit so you can to finish in tune with the Lord.  You want to end on a good note, don’t you?