“Just relax and float”


Don’t be anxious for anything, viagra generic but through prayer let your requests be known to God, best viagra and the peace He will bring will guard your heart, mind, and thoughts. Philippians 4:6-7

During this summer’s trip to Israel, both Myrna and I swam in the Dead Sea, or should I say we floated in this salt laden body of water. In addition to being earth’s lowest elevation of land, it is filled with so much salt (34.2%) that it is impossible to drown in it. It is over nine and half times as salty as the ocean. While there it was kind of fun to see so many try and swim at first, but to no avail, for all you could do was float and lay there near the surface to sun yourself.

This experience reminded me of when my grandparents took me as a child to the Great Salt Lake in Utah. It too was filled with salt (27%). All you could do was float in it as well. Although I usually trusted my grandparents in everything they said, I really didn’t when they told me to relax and not try to swim in this lake. Otherwise, as they said, “You might get salt in your eyes and it will burn.”

But did I listen? Of course not, because when I got too deep and began to swim toward shore with all of my effort, everything worked against me. Again and again I went under only to pop up without any progress. My grandfather was close by, but instead of grabbing me, he just said, “Relax Kent, and eventually you’ll just float in.” So after a little more thrashing about, I decided to take his advice and sure enough made it to shore.

Is this not true in our own lives, particularly when we experience times when we just don’t know what to do in a circumstance or where to go next. And in response we usually panic and try to swim out of things on our own. When instead we should pray, listen to what He has to say, and then let Him float us to shore. Do you really think He would let you drown in your circumstances; has He ever?

So “relax” as my grandfather told me, just relax and trust God with whatever circumstance you think is going to do you in. It won’t, for God will make sure of that. He will not only provide the water needed to float you through to safety, but remains close by to save you in case you panic. Like my grandfather did for me.