Honoring A Father

A son honors his father… Malachi 1:6

It is not surprising that there are many more references in the Word of God to “father” and “Father” than there are to “mothers” when one takes into account how important it is for an individual to understand the Heavenly Father.  It is impossible for one to comprehend fully the “Father image” of God without experiencing an earthly father.

There are some who may disagree as to which one is the more influential in the life of a child, buy viagra troche the mother or the father.  The mother is the one who guides the child to his immediate goals in daily living, site whereas generally speaking, the father is the one who establishes the long-range ambitions – those ideals for which to strive in order to make a success in life.

It is extremely difficult for a person to establish right relationships with the Heavenly Father without having first established healthy and loving relationships with his earthly father.  How does one experience God as Father if he has never known a father’s love, or concern, his support and protection, his sharing and understanding, discipline, wisdom, or even his firm warm hand?

A child deems what is important to his father as being paramount to him.  As God’s child one wants to please Him because He knows it pleases Him.  What is important to God is significant to His child.

“Father knows best” is an old maxim, but sometimes the child must experience his own choices in order to appreciate more the wisdom of his father.  The Heavenly Father allows His children to do their own bidding in order to more fully appreciate God’s will.

Fathers many times think they are needed only for special favors desired by the son or daughter.  The Father in heaven is noted for granting special favors to His own.

A child revels in his times of fun and fellowship with his father.  How it also thrills a child of God to have similar moments of sweet communion with the Father above too.

A father labors day after day to be a provider for his family.  God does the same with each of us who believe in Him.  Sometimes it is difficult to believe this when times get tough, but like a good father, He will never abandon us no matter what.

Have a great summer,


And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.  Now to our God and Father be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.  (Philippians 4: 19-20)