Article 18 Uncontainable Fires


My wife, Myrna, and I just got back from Yosemite; it is one of our favorite places. I camped there in college, took Myrna when we were first married, explored the trails with our kids, and are now hiking with their children. I don’t think this time around we’ve ever seen the falls at Yosemite so beautiful and full of thunderous water. Aside from the traditional falls, there were newly formed falls throughout the valley.

However, we could not believe all of the dead trees, so many that we thought there had been a recent forest fire. The ranger told us that over half of the trees had been destroyed, not by a fire but rather the five year California drought and the resulting infestation of the bark beetle. He went on to say that the rest of California was even worse, losing over 66 million trees. He feared greatly if a significant fire ever got going, it would be uncontainable due to all of the dead trees and timber.

In the book of Revelation, there will also be uncontrollable and uncontainable fires; ones that will totally destroy everything and everyone in their path. Some of these fires will come via lightning strikes, others will be intentionally set, but most of them sad to say, will come by means of war, bombings, and nuclear blasts.

When these fires begin, along with many other natural disasters at the same time, life on earth will become incredibly miserable and the earth almost uninhabitable. Just think of this world without any trees, no shade from the sun, no absorber of carbon dioxide, no fruit to pick, no shelter for birds and animals, and no beauty to appreciate or behold.

Yet this is what is ahead if we are truly in the last generation Jesus spoke of before He returns. Therefore it might be good to get your relationship settled with Him if you haven’t already. Because the way things are going in the world today, this calamity, along with so many others, may not be all that far off.

Matthew 24

Revelation 6-9

Hal Lindsey, There’s A New World Coming, page 86, 206-207