Article 17 Russia eats in Israel


When Russia invades Israel one day according to the Scriptures, its army will be completely destroyed during this quest and battle. Not because the Jewish people are so good or resilient in battle, for they would be hopelessly outnumbered, but because God steps in and causes one of the most massive earthquakes the world has ever seen.  20 on the Richter scale would not be out of range. Where the Russian soldiers are camped during their brief occupation of Jerusalem, is exactly where God causes this quake.  As a result of the quake there will be uncontrollable fires, body decay, and an ensuing epidemic. Very few Russians will survive according to prophesy.   After that the Russian army will cease to exist; they will be no more.  In fact, according to the book of Numbers in the Old Testament it will take about seven months to bury all of them.   An entire valley east of the Mediterranean coast will be their designated burial ground, and will be filled from bottom to top.

During this time, which is about the mid-point of the Tribulation (3 ½ years before Christ returns), many Jews in Israel will turn to Christ as Savior.

Finally, due to Russia’s double cross with its southern alliance during this invasion, many, if not most of the Muslims living in that region of the world would also perish. If this were to happen today, it would mean that about 20% of the Muslim world wide population would die, which is about 320 million.


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