A Brave Woman

The Brian Nichols Incident

Ashley Smith – The Woman Who Turned In Brian Nichols

 Many of you have been keeping up with the pursuit of Brian Nichols, discount cialis seek the man who killed several people in an Atlanta courtroom last week.    Here is a short newswire concerning his recent capture.

ATLANTA – A man wanted for three shooting deaths at a courthouse in Atlanta was arrested Saturday after a 26-hour search involving dozens of police officers and federal agents. Brian Nichols, 33, was apprehended after police surrounded an apartment complex in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta. Murder suspect Brian Nichols is led by a police officer at the FBI office in Atlanta, Saturday.

He gave up without a struggle, police said, and was taken to an FBI field office for questioning.

What is so amazing about his final capture is the role of the young woman who turned him in.   Ashley Smith, this young woman was actually Brian Nichol’s hostage for a number of hours.    But instead of killing her, he let her go.    According to her own account, she patiently shared her faith with him, using the book, The Purpose Driven Life  (by Rick Warren).     Evidently Brian Nichols gained hope in his hopeless situation, which inspired him to free her.   After she was free she turned him in.   When the police arrived he gave up peaceably, without a fight.

Praise God for this woman’s courage to share her faith in a perilous situation.  And praise God for the book, The Purpose Driven Life, a great tool to have when sharing one’s faith.

In the last few weeks I have ordered several copies of The Purpose Driven Life to hand out to friends and neighbors.   I encourage you to do likewise; it would be a great gift to give out during this Easter celebration.

Have a week, A Brave Woman