Worship Without The Ark

God Speed?

New Small Group Questions

Pastor Kent McClain

Small Groups Ministry


Question 1   Worship without the Ark?

Several of you have asked a good question concerning the continuation of worship without the Ark.  (I Samuel 6 and 7).


I would say that Israel most likely suspended worship while the Ark was out of their possession.   There is nothing in the Scripture to say one way or the other.   My assumption comes from Israel’s spiritual habits when faced with defeats and travail.

For example, best cialis site they did not restore the Tabernacle during the 20 years of judgment (1063-1043 B.C).   This tells me they were never in a rush to return to worship, viagra usa especially in the aftermath of a struggle.

Also during this time (I Samuel 6-7), Samuel stressed direct repentance toward God rather than the sacramental Ark (Page 309  A-C   Zondervon’s Pictorial Dictionary).

Finally, Saul,  as you will see later,  neglected the Ark (I Chronicles 13:3), though he had full access to it for worship.      And in actuality the Ark was only something he used for battle insurance. ( Michmash I Samuel 14:18).

Questions 2   ” God speed”

There is no biblical significance to the phrase “God speed” used at the end of our small group videos.    It just popped into my mind one day.   I think it came from the movie,  “The Right Stuff”    The phrase was given to John Glenn after he was launched into orbit.    “God speed, John Glenn.”   But we could make up something.   Got any ideas?

Have a great day,

Kent McClain