Who is Waiting on Whom?

A great deal is said in the Bible about waiting on God.  This lesson cannot be emphasized too much in our lives, viagra usa sale because we often grow rather impatient with God when He delays. Much of our trouble comes out of our restless, sildenafil help sometimes reckless haste to see things happen before their time.  Illustratively, medicine we cannot seem to wait for the fruit to ripen, but insist on plucking it while it’s still green.  In other words, we can’t wait for God’s answers, even though His preparation has not been completed to do so. We ask what is taking Him so long?  Perhaps more than anything it is not because God is not ready from His end, but we are not ready from ours to receive His answers

I believe many times God would answer our prayers right away, but won’t because we are too indecisive, unwilling to obey, or bent on having everything our own perfect way.   So He waits on us until our hearts are right, and full of the desire to do whatever He wants us to do from our end.   Abraham in the Old Testament is a good example of this, because before God could grant him a promised land in which to live, he had to leave where he was.   So he had to gather up his family, livestock, and everything he could carry and leave where he was to get to where God wanted him to be. [Genesis 12] And so it may be with you in a parallel way or similar sense before God answers your prayers.   In another instance, there were 10 lepers in the New Testament who wanted Jesus to heal them, but before He would they had to walk to the Priest to show themselves and on the way they were cleansed of their disease.   [Luke 17]  A last example is with the Israelites who were pursued by the Egyptian army; when they got to theRed Seathey were trapped.  But in response to their prayers, God told them to go forward.   And when they did He opened up the Red Sea for them to walk through.   The Egyptian army tried to follow but all were drown. [Exodus 14]

The point of all of this is that while you are waiting on God to answer your prayers, step out and do what is before you, no matter how insignificant that may seem.   In so doing, you may be opening the door for Him to answer your prayers, because you are ready in His eyes.

I leave you with a letter, my son’s wife Katie wrote the other day.   They both work for World Impact in downtown Los  Angelesright now.   One of their responsibilities is to help build a small church on the corner near their home, called the Jefferson Church.  Every step they’ve taken to do so has required them to step out and do something.  Katie writes of one of these steps in this letter.   And praise God, the family they were trying to reach was in church on Sunday, including the husband; I know because Myrna and I were there to see God working.

Dear friends, family, and supporters of our ministry,

I am sitting down to write you this note having spent the morning serving alongside some of my sisters at the church in one of our church family’s homes.  The whole time I was there I kept thinking, “I need to write a prayer letter about this experience.”  Then I came home and realized my letter was due earlier this morning.  So I am going to simply give you a taste of what some of the families living in inner cities across America go through. 

There is a lady who attends our church, I will call her Sue.  Sue has four boys ranging in age from four to eleven.  She has attended off and on, mostly for fun events, over the past year.  About two months ago she started to attend Jefferson more regularly.  At the start of this time, she found out that her husband had been having an affair with a secretary from his shop.  An affair which had been going on for four years.  She was devastated.  Her husband has been abusive in the past and things at home have only escalated lately.  He keeps coming clean and apologizing only to return to the other woman.  Meanwhile, Sue has been like a puppy on a chain, yanked here and there at his every whim.  At first my heart broke for her and I immediately wanted to jump into all kinds of service projects, but Brodie reminded me that Sue needed the gospel first and foremost.  We had a VERY clear conversation with her one day after church about a month ago and she has been coming faithfully ever since. 

At this point we decided that we as the church needed to envelope her into the family and start really loving on her.  So this morning a group of the Jefferson women went down to Sue’s house and helped her clean.   Sue lives in a very bad part of town.  Her house only has access from the alley, which was filled with trash and graffiti.  When you enter her house there is an overwhelming stench of mildew and everything feels damp and dirty.  She lives in this one bedroom house with her four boys.   There is only one bed and no table.  I decided I would start in the bathroom.  I had never seen walls this dirty.  From the floor all the way to the ceiling they were covered with mildew.  There were large holes in the drywall, the door was broken, the shower curtain held up by an old broom handle, the toilet missing its lid, power strips plugged into the one working electrical outlet, etc…  I was so shocked and humbled.  We have only lived in Los Angeles for three and a half years, but I felt like I had seen a lot… until this.   And here I have seen this lady and her four boys every Sunday for a couple months, hugged them, told them we were praying for them and then sent them on their way home, to what?  A nightmare.  How can we who have been born and raised in such sunshine and happiness ever dream of truly bearing the burdens of those brothers and sisters who live lives we never dreamed existed? I kept thinking to myself as I cleaned, “And you have spent time thinking about when you will get your next Starbucks.”  What a blessing to have my eyes opened even in this small way, and to have my Savior show me there is more to life than ____________. We could fill in the blank with anything we want.

Pray for Sue and her boys…                                                                          


Katie, Brodie, and of course our kids Luke, Anabelle & Maddie


  • Gregory

    Great article. I too have had the pain of waiting on the Lord to move. This is a great reminder that we as His creation have to be ready to receive His blessing.

    • tmoments

      Thanks Greg, my book Teachable Moments comes out this fall, it has some great stories about the old Hillcrest group. Kent