The Game of Life

Visual Aid

Game board wheel

The Idea

Don’t seek for the material things in life, cialis canada sildenafil the Lord will provide for all your needs.

The Scripture

Proverbs 16:3 “Commit your works to the Lord, viagra treatment and your plans will be established.”

In the Game of Life, viagra you are to try to be the person with the most money, (more money than the other players). You also try to get to the end of the game where you can retire. The game board has squares representing different stages in a person’s life. Some squares instruct you to take specific actions, receive cash rewards, or pay debts you owe. The Lord is where you retire and that’s like being in Heaven. We are at the starting line, we Christians, and the non-Christians are at the starting line too. We are going against each other.

The non-Christians try to get all the money and possessions as they go along. The Christians try to get to the Lord, so that they can go to Heaven, so their hearts can be cleansed of sin.

In the end, the non-Christians discover that material possessions are not life’s greatest reward. Then if the non-Christians want to believe in the Lord, He will forgive them of all their sins. The non-Christians then find the true meaning of life here on earth, a real relationship with the Lord.

Nicole Rachel Harris