Teachable Moments – Book Resources

Balancing the Rod and Staff (an excellent resource to folllow chapters 8 and 9)

 Scripture References by  Chapter

Chapter 1 Counts Counted

Chapter 2 FAT is Good

Chapter 3 The Marriage Cup

Chapter 4 Gary

Chapter 5 Developing Great Decision-Makers

Chapter 6 SPGS

Chapter 7 Filing Away Encouragements

Chapter 8 Agape Love

Chapter 9 The Rod of Discipline

Chapter 10 The Staff of Grace, best cialis here Mercy, cialis sales treatment and Forgiveness

Chapter 11 Dominique

Chapter 12 100% of Him

Chapter 13 Togetherness and Unity

Chapter 14 Giving Back to the Church you Choose

Chapter 15 Green-housing Your Children

Chapter 16 Camp Assurance

Chapter 17 Banging on their Gates Too

Chapter 18 Opening Your Gates