The Best Spot for a Nest (Palm Sunday message)



“Though you make your nest as high as an eagle’s, I will bring you down from there,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 49:16

A few years ago, my wife Myrna and I walked down the road where Jesus walked on Palm Sunday.  To the left of us was the garden of Gethsemane, and in front at a distance was the East gate of Jerusalem.   Jesus walked through that gate on Palm Sunday over 2000 years ago on the way to the Temple. He will do that again when He returns for a second and last time.  Because of so many prophetic events that have come to pass over the last few years, like the return of Israel as a nation (1948), His return won’t be too long now.

But back then when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the multitudes were thrilled, lining the streets to celebrate and usher Him as their deliverer. Too long had they been under the iron hand of Rome; now it looked like that Roman reign was over. Those who threw palms on the ground that day in His honor had either heard Jesus teach, or saw Him do some pretty incredible miracles. Some of those miracles included healing the sick, bringing back those who had died to life, feeding thousands with only a few baskets of food, and even quelling a storm. It is little wonder they demonstrated such confidence in Jesus that day. However, Jesus did not come to deliver them from the Romans, but from sin which was keeping many of them out of His kingdom and heaven as well. A week later Jesus did that when He gave up His life on the cross for all of our sins. Therefore, Palm Sunday was not a victory celebration from Jesus’ view, but rather a last big gathering to ready the people to move from where they were in their lives with God to where they needed to be.

The following illustration is a simple picture of God’s wisdom to move everyone He has created to where they need to be with Him and the world in which they live. Whether this is with those who threw palms down before His feet 2000 years ago or any of us today who seek Him with our own plan when He has so much of a greater one in mind.

A farmer happened to be drawn one morning to a bird that was vigorously building a nest for her coming family.  Now, unfortunately, the spot the the mother bird chose for this nest was in a heap of dead branches to be set ablaze the following day. Knowing this, the farmer undid the nest. The next day, the persistent mother tried again in the same spot, and for a second time, the farmer thwarted her efforts. On the third day, the bird finally reconstructed her nest on a new spot, a limb near the farmer’s kitchen door. The farmer was pleased and relieved, for he had no intention of ever setting a fire near his house, so he let it remain. And besides, he could watch the young birds hatch from his window. Should there be any trouble, he would be close by to help.

As you might surmise, God is the farmer, and we are the mother bird in this illustration. Like the farmer, God knows what is best for us, for He sees what we cannot see. And like the mother bird, we may need to move from what we are asking of God, for He may have a much greater answer and plan in mind for us.  One that will put us by his kitchen window, not on a bunch of branches to be burned.