Sowing Teachable Moments Year One Resources

Resources from Sowing Teachable Moments Year One

Special Holidays

1    Trick or Treat (Halloween)

2.   The Thanksgiving President (Thanksgiving)

3.   Colors and Symbols of Christmas (Christmas)

4.   The Star of Bethlehem (Christmas)

5.   Resolutions (New Year’s Eve)

6.   Lincoln the Christian (President’s Day)

7.   All is Lost; All is Restored! (Easter)

8.   Silent Saturday (Easter)

9.   The End is Even Better (Mother’s Day)

10.  Plan B (Father’s Day)

Important Beliefs and Practices of the Christian Life

11.  Journaling (Helping children remember what God has done)

12.  Filling the Bucket (Acts of Kindness)

13.  Tares on the Freeway (Why God allows evil)

14.  Holly Love (God’s unconditional love)

15.  Narnia (Virtuous literature/movies can help build your children’s faith)

16.  Laura Crow (Assurances in the Christian life)

17.  “No, viagra buy nurse ” Not Yet, best cialis for sale ” “Yes” (Teaching children what to expect)

18.  12 Cans (Faith)

19.  Be Like Joseph (Perserving through anger)

20.  Tears Are Okay (Teaching children how to comfort the grieving)

21.  The Man on the High-Flying Trapeze (Faith leading to salvation)

22.  The Ghost and the Darkness (The influences of the flesh and Satan)

23.  God the Father, Son, and Spirit (Explaining the Trinity)

24.  A Break in the Dam (The Spirit’s entrance after salvation)