Visual Aid

The coach and the disobedient player

The Idea

Following through with God’s plan. What happens if you do not follow God or listen to God?

The Scripture

Psalm 32:8 “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.”

Soccer is a fun game, cialis canada cialis but it is also challenging. The game is made up of two teams with 11 players on each side. There is required a ball and a goal box for each team. How it is played is that each team must run down the field, advice kicking that ball into the opponent’s goal net to score.

Like Christians, soccer players are to know which goal to run in order to score. There is a coach for each team. The coach gives directions and teaches the game strategies to the players so that his or her team may win. God, in a Christian’s life, is that of coach. He tells us which way to kick the ball. If we don’t listen to God, then we are like the soccer player who does not listen to his or her coach. If the player doesn’t listen to the coach he or she belongs to, then that player might get confused and run the bal into the wrong goal, scoring a point for the other team. The player has two choices of goals, his goal or his opponent’s goal. As Christians, we have two options as well, one is heaven the other is hell. We as Christians need to listen to the coach who is god, if we are to know which goal to score in.

Hell would love to win by tricking the Christian into scoring for them. After awhile, the Christians score so many goals for Hell that they begin to think they are apart of their opponent’s team. Remember, Hell is not for us. As Christians we must keep listening to God if we are to win for the right side.

Erin G. Balogh