Short Sayings for January, 2012

Dealing with Fear

Do the good and right thing you fear and eventually it will subside and disappear.

“Be strong and of good courage, discount cialis hospital fear not, cialis usa nor be afraid…for the Lord will go before you,

He will not fail or forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6

Surviving Trials?

God knows that you can get through the trials and difficulties He sends your way.  He would not give them to you if you couldn’t, for God always knows your strength, and measures it to the last inch.   And don’t forget nothing comes to you unless it goes through Him first.  

God’s will

When you are in the wrong place, the right place is empty.


They who have received the most grace from God are able to bear the most afflictions from Him.  Affliction does not hit any by chance, but by direction.   It is for the glory of God that you stand and take your affliction quietly. Be confident, He will bring it to an end at just the right time. 


Helplessness is a key path to a great faith, when there is no human solution but to trust God. 


It makes no difference who you are, what you have done, or how discouraged you may be, as long as you are still alive, God has a purpose for your life. 


Love that looks upward is worship; love that goes outward is affection; love that reaches undeservedly to another is grace.  


Pride is self destructive because it blinds us of our faults.  It tells us we are better than what we are, so that we don’t have to change our ways.   Admitting such pride is the beginning of humility which is what God and others want to see most in us. 


The race does not always belong to the swift, but to those who keep running.


Anger fills you such that it leaves no place for anything else to enter.  Get rid of it as soon as possible

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. Avoid those situations where it tempts you.  But if you fall to it, make it right with God as soon as possible, so you have the strength to make it right with others.


Defeat is not failure until you stop trying.

Doing the Supernatural

When someone mistreats you don’t do what comes natural, but what is supernatural, love them back in return.  You can only do this with God’s help; you don’t have it within you to do it on your own.

I Prayed For Strength

[Ann Flint [rbk]

I prayed for strength, and then I lost awhile all sense of nearness, human and divine.  

The love leaned on failed and pierced my heart; the hands I clung to loosed themselves from mine.   But while I swayed weak, trembling, and alone, God’s everlasting arms upheld my own.  I prayed for light and then the sun went down in the clouds.   The moon was darkened by misty doubt, the stars of heaven were dimmed by earthy fears, and all my candle flames burned out.  But while I sat in the shadow, wrapped in the night; the face of Christ appeared and made all the darkness bright.  I prayed for peace and dreamed of restful ease, a slumber drugged from pain, a hushed repose.  But above my head the skies blackened with storm and fiercer grew the onslaught of my foes.  But then as the battle raged, and the wild winds blew, I heard His voice and perfect peace I knew.  I thank you Lord, you were to wise to heed my feeble prayers and answer as I sought, since these rich gifts your bounty has bestowed have brought more than I ask or thought.   Giver of the good, so answer each request with you own giving, better than my best. [rvk; Ann Flint]

Trials Under a fruit tree

When you go through trials, it often sends you scurrying for help and answers from every direction, like when you run for the cover of a tree when caught outside in a rainstorm.    And as you hold up there waiting for the storm to pass, you see fruit on that tree you’d never seen before. And so it is when you take cover from your own  trials, except be sure to take cover under the right tree, the Word of God, which will reveal to you its many fruits of wisdom, one’s  you’ll  be able to take with you the rest of your life.  [Kent]


The grace of God best fills a man who has emptied himself of himself.  C.S. Lewis

The Essential?

When God is all you have, then you have all you need.  R. Warren


True character is often typified by what you think and consider in the dark, when God is your only audience. It is also what you do to help another when there is no reward in sight for doing so.  (Kent)

Love between a man and woman

True love between a man and woman  is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person, somewhat like the kind God has toward us.  [kent]


Doubts and misgivings sometimes sees God through circumstances, as we sometimes see the sun and its rays through smoky air; but faith puts God between itself and circumstances, and  looks at them through Him.

Love between a man and woman

Love between a man and wife forgets the mistakes of the other, nagging though can

destroy that relationship. It is better to be a lover than a nagger of your mate, believe me

things go a lot better for the both of you. 


When you get to your wit’s end, you’ll find God lives there.

Silent fellowship with God

It is not necessary to be always speaking to God or demonstratively hearing from Him, to have communion with Him: there is an in-articulate fellowship sweeter than words.  A little child who can sit all day long beside his busy mother, and, although few words may be spoken on either side; the one absorbed in play, and the other engrossed in  work, yet both are in perfect fellowship with one another.  He knows that she is there, and she knows that he is all right.  So it is sometimes between you and God, who can go for hours in the silent fellowship of love.  [RBK, Steams 10-31]


Time spent waiting on the Lord is never wasted.

Storm of life?

With God at your helm, the rainbows of life often follow the storms. [Kent]

Seeking God’s Will

God’s will comes from His love, if He didn’t love us, He wouldn’t care which way we decided.  But God does loves us and that makes the difference.  Because He does, we therefore can confidently seek His will knowing it will always turn out for what’s best.  (Graham p. 240)