Santa’s Early Visit

Celebrating Santa’s Visit

There is so much materialism built into Christmas, cialis buy sale that the message of Christ is often lost each year.   Sadly, sovaldi   the birth of Christ , the Savior of mankind, is  often substituted with the coming of Santa and presents under the tree.   Needless to say  the story of Santa can never replace the birth of the Savior, but Santa’s story is not without spiritual  merit or beginnings.   The modern mythical Santa Clause developed from the real person Saint Nicholas.   Saint Nicholas was the youngest and one of the kindest bishops in the early church.

He started the Christmas tradition of giving presents to deserving children in  300 A.D. in the town of Myra, Turkey.   It was his intention to reward well behaved children for their accomplishments   Christmas was the perfect time, since it was the  yearly celebration of the greatest gift ever given mankind, the gift of the Savior, Jesus Christ.   Children loved Saint Nicholas, and the habit of bringing gifts so much that the custom continued and even developed in other countries.   The name St. Nicholas later changed to Santy, or Santa Clause.    In response to this picture of Christmas history  I leave you with a story about Santa Clause that I have related to my own children and other  Christian parents.

Santa’s Early Visit.

 Just a week before Christmas, I had a visitor, This is how it happened.   I had just finished the household jobs for the night and was preparing to go to bed when I heard a noise in the living room,   and to my surprise, Santa Clause himself stepped out from behind the Christmas tree.   He place his fingers over his mouth so I would not cry out.    “What are you doing…”   I started to ask, but the words choked up in my throat as I saw  tears in his eyes.   His usual jolly manner was gone.

He then answered me with a simple statement of “teach the children.” I was puzzled.   What did he mean?  He anticipated my question and with one quick movement brought forth a miniature toy bag from behind the tree .  As I stood there bewildered, Santa said again, “Teach the children.   Teach them the old meaning of Christmas-the meanings that Christmas nowadays has forgotten,”

I started to say, “How can I…” when Santa reached into the toy bag and pulled out a brilliant shiny star.   “Teach the children that the star was the heavenly sign of promise long ages ago.   God promised a savior for the world and the star was the sign of the of promise long ages ago.   God promised a savior for the world and the star was the sign of the fulfillment of this promise.   The countless shining stars at night-one for each man-now show the burning hope of all mankind.”   Santa gently laid the star upon the fireplace mantle and drew forth from the bag a glittering red Christmas tree ornament.

“Teach the children that red is the first color of Christmas.   It was first used by the faithful people to remind them of the blood which was shed for all the people by the Savior.   Christ gave His life and shed His blood that every man might have God’s gift of Eternal Life.   Red is deep, intense, vivid-it is the greatest color of all.   It is the symbol of the gift of God.”

“Teach the children,” he said as he dislodged a small Christmas tree from the depths of the toy bag.   He placed it before the mantle and gently hung the red ornament on it.   The deep green of the fir tree was perfect background for the ornament.   Here was the second color of Christmas.”

“The pure green color of the stately fir tree remains green all year round,” he said.   ‘This depicts the everlasting hope of man kind.   Green is the youthful, hopeful, abundant color of nature.   All the needles point heavenward-symbols of man’s returning thoughts toward heaven.   The great green tree has been man’s best friend.   It has sheltered him, warmed, him, made beauty for him.”   Suddenly, I heard a soft tinkling sound.

“Teach the children that as the lost sheep are found by the sound of the bell, it should ring for man to return to the fold-it means guidance and return.   It further signifies that all are precious in the eyes of the Lord.   As the soft sound of the bell faded into the night, Santa drew forth a candle.   He placed it on the mantle and the soft glow from its tiny flame cast a glow about the darkened room.   Odd shapes in shadows slowly danced and weaved upon the walls.”

“Teach the children,” whispered Santa, “that the candle shows man’s thanks for the star of long ago.  Its small light is the mirror of starlight.   At first candles were placed on the trees-they were like many glowing stars shining against the dark green.   The colored lights have now taken over in remembrance.”

Santa turned the small Christmas tree lights on and picked up a gift from under the tree.   He pointed to the large bow and said,  “A bow is placed on a present to remind us of the tie we have with God and other believers. “

Santa slung his bag over his shoulder and began to reach for the candy cane placed high on the tree.   He unfastened it and reached out toward me with it.

“Teach the children that the candy cane represents the shepherd’s crook.   The crook on the staff helps bring back the strayed sheep to the flock.   The candy cane represents the helping hand we should show at Christmas

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. time.   The candy cane is the symbol that we are our brothers keeper.”   As Santa looked about the room, a feeling of satisfaction shone in his face.    He read wonderment in  my eyes, and I am sure he sensed admiration for this night.   He reached into his bag and brought forth a large holly wreath.   He placed it on the door and said,  “Please teach the children the wreath symbolizing God’s eternal love for us all ,  it never ceases, stops, or ends.”    It is one continuous round of Godly affection for us all.