The Rain Tree

“For the Lord will continually guide you, viagra usa sovaldi and satisfy your thirst in the dry and parched places of your life. And because of Him, you will always be like watered garden to others, or a spring whose waters never cease to flow.” Isaiah 58:11 (RBK)

Visitors and vacationers are often very enthusiastic over a special species of palm tree which grows in South America; they call it the rain tree. This tree has the remarkable power to attract atmospheric moisture, which it then condenses and drops to the soil below it.   Amazingly this rain tree grows straight up in the most parched and arid of deserts, yet it daily distributes refreshing showers of water to its vegetation below. Even when there is no rain, and the rivers in the area have evaporated, the rain tree continues to thrive and give off water to everything below that depends upon it.

I think God would have us all be like the rain tree in some sense: that is, to be one who collects the Lord’s truth every day from the Scripture and then gives it off to those around us who are so needful of answers for this life.

So be a rain tree, a watered garden, or an endless spring of God’s truth to others. And if you do, then plan on them camping out around you for a while, that is until they become a rain tree themselves to others. Isn’t this the kind of discipleship Christ would have all be a part of? Isn’t this what He modeled for us while on earth?


(On portion of this was taken from Springs in the Valley- August 2nd)

Facebook devotional thoughts

(July-September 2015)

The following are some devotional thoughts I put on Facebook these last few months. I thought I would pass them onto you in one big bunch, for who knows maybe one will hit you more than another.


A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what it was made for. Likewise God didn’t make you for the purpose of being safe here on earth. So get out and do what you know He wants you to do. Take risks on His behalf, after all He took a risk on you when He gave up His life on the cross.


God does not grade on the curve, but on the cross.

The Church

Men are looking for better methods to run the church; God is looking for better men.


God knows that you can stand all the trials that come your way; He would not let you ever experience any of them if He felt they were beyond the faith you have at the moment. For daily He measures your strength, and does so to the last inch.

God is like oxygen

In a way oxygen is very much like the Lord to those who put their trust in Him during these days on earth, you cannot see Him for the moment, but you can’t live without Him.

True Joy

A person who lacks true joy, which only comes through a personal relationship with Christ, will end up settling for inferior pleasures; pleasures that will eventually deliver less and less over time. (k)

Great dads

Great dads and followers of Christ make prayer their first priority; others usually make it their last resort.


Anyone can hold the helm of a ship in hand when the seas are calm.   It’s when things get rough that tells you where your faith is with God during those times. If it’s not good then ask Him for help; He is willing and able to help your ship through this life no matter what set of circumstances you encounter. (k)


He that is mastered by Christ is the master of every circumstance.

Seeking God’s will

The greatest barrier to knowing God’s will is simply that we want to run our own lives. We want Him to guide us when it’s to our own advantage, but then we seize control when we think He wants us to do something we don’t want to do. (B. Graham)

True Faith

A good faith is not so much exhibited in the ability to do, or even to be courageous in a tough situation, but rather in the willingness to suffer for the sake of Christ so others can be reached. (K)

Fact, Faith, Feeling

Three men were walking on a wall; their names were feeling, faith, and fact. Then when feeling took an awful fall, faith was taken back. So close was feeling to faith that he began to stumble and fall too. But fact remained steady and pulled faith back, which pulled feeling back too.   The point? Read and rely on the Word, for its God’s facts about Himself, His life and you too. (The Miracle and Hand around the World)

Word without deeds

Words without deeds are like a garden without produce and nothing but weeds. (Stonewall Jackson)

How God answers prayers

If you pray for patience, do you think God will give you the patience you seek, or does He, instead, give you the opportunity to be patient? If you pray to have more courage in this life, do you think God will immediately give this to you, or does He rather give you the opportunities to become more courageous? And finally should you pray that your family will become closer to one another, do think God will immediately give them all warm and strong feelings toward one another, or does He give each the challenge and opportunity to love one other? I think the latter in each of these prayer requests, rather than the former. Don’t You? So, pray with God’s view in mind and perhaps each appeal to God will come to fruition.


You may have played the game, “Mercy, Mercy”, when you were a child. Remember, you interlaced your fingers with someone else’s and tried to bend the other’s hands back until one of you cried, “Mercy”! Sometimes we also try and play “Mercy” with God when we pray. We have a request that we feel needs to be desperately answered in a certain way and within a certain time, so we try to bend back God’s fingers about it, praying over and over again and over again. You don’t need to do that, for He heard your prayer and knows what is best for you at this time. And should the Lord give you a big, “Yes” to your prayer, it will be according to His perfect timing, which when you look back will really make sense.  

Legalism or hedonism

The heart we are born with is sinful by nature and can be very legalistic too, at least for most of us. In other words the heart knows from the beginning what is right and wrong. Since it can’t do much about this on its own, it has two basic reactions: to adopt all the religious rules possible (legalism), or reject all of them (hedonism). The first builds a guilt complex and the latter builds a seeming guiltless life that ends up not caring what it does as long as it’s satisfied. Neither experiences the kind of abundant life God intended for any of us to live while on earth. Only a life transformed by Christ can live an abundant life, which neither legalism nor hedonism can experience. So if you haven’t truly tried Christ yet, then I implore you to do so, for the abundance He promises is only one of many blessings you will receive from God when you put your faith in Christ.