Do Non-Christians Live Out Christian Principles?

Most decidedly yes, viagra buy sick    they do live out Christian principles in the home.   And when they do, cialis usa they receive an earthly benefit from it.     If a family for instance practices the principle of marriage to only one man or woman, then the harmony in doing this will be given.    Does this save? No!    Is there the power of God helping?   No….

Do Christians live out non-Christian principles in the Home?

Most decidedly yes.    If Christian deny the Word, or refuse to let the Spirit guide them, then they most definitely can live out non Christian principles, which lead to chaos.

Note:  This was Steve Patterson’s (UCLA center) question to me years ago about Kareem’s question on this would be a good introduction to this.   Steve a wonderful Christian and friend, died not many years ago of cancer.

A false statement made by Christians

Just because you are Christians, and have a Christian home does not mean you have a Christian home.   It is based on your obedience to His Word and His Spirit to live out the truth in His Word that makes it a Christian home.