Patience and God Produces Masterpieces

Those who walk with God will always get to His intended destination.  And no one can predict to what heights we may soar while traveling with Him to that destination, viagra sale store even we won’t know until we get there. (k)

A thought for the week

Look at Thomas Edison (inventor of the electric light) with his deafness, viagra generic look at John Milton (the great English poet) with his blindness, and John Bunyan (Pilgrim’s Progress) with his imprisonment, and see how patience converted each of these men’s misfortunes into good fortunes.

And then look at the renowned artist and sculptor, Michelangelo, who went to Rome to carve statues, and found that other artists had taken all the great pieces of marble—all but one crooked and misshapen one.  He sat down before it and studied with infinite patience its very limitations, until he found that by bending the head of the statue this way, and lifting the arms that way; he could create a possible masterpiece. And he did, for The Boy David was produced, the most famous of all sculptures in the world.

Let each of us do likewise, sitting down with the very limitations God has given us.  And with the aid of patience and His divine help, perhaps we too can create a masterpiece of our in own.  Perhaps not a famous piece of art, but more importantly so, with a person we might be able to influence and turn around for God and His kingdom.