Living Between Legalism and Self-gratification

Legalism or self-gratification?

The heart we are all born with is sinful by nature and cognizant of what is wrong and right.  Sad to say, viagra sale view though, viagra usa the heart (human will) can’t do much about wrong or right on its own, at least that is what the Bible says.  Therefore it only has two basic paths to take: to adopt all the religious rules it can, or reject them altogether. The first builds a life with a guilt complex, and the latter builds a life centered on self-pleasure, gratification, and self-satisfaction. Neither of these paths leads to the kind of life God intended for any of His creation to live. Some try to live a life in between these two, but never successfully.   Only a life transformed by Christ can be a guiltless life with perfect satisfaction and that takes believing in Him to begin with.

“For those who do not have, or attend themselves to God’s Word, the Bible, yet they often do instinctively what it speaks against. This shows that God puts His laws and principles into their hearts from birth, whether they like it or not.   The very evidence of their guilty consciences bears witness of this.”  Romans 2:14-15 rvk