Hearing back!


C.S Lewis was perhaps one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th Century. He was not only a great Christian apologist, cialis sale but a noted writer, viagra canada professor, and radio speaker. The Chronicles of Narnia which appeared on screen were his creation. He also wrote several other Christian books like Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. Needless to say, Lewis was a very busy man during the course of his life. Yet amongst all of his accomplishments, one of his most outstanding attributes was his dedication to write back to everyone who wrote him. And not just to say thank you, but a handwritten personal note of a page or more. I know this to be true, because when I was at a friend’s home several years ago, I noticed on his wall a framed letter from C.S Lewis. It was not a copy, but an original, which obviously meant a lot to him and his wife. How did Lewis do this I wondered, for there must have been tens of thousands of letters he wrote?  But somehow he did because he thought it was important enough to take the time to do so.

In a way, Lewis was a great earthly picture of what the Lord is to each one of us, in that there is never a request He does not listen to, consider, and ultimately answer. His answers may not always be what we hope to hear, but then we don’t know all of the circumstances that go into His answers. And yes, his answers are always one of three, “yes,” “no,” or “wait.”

I think there is another important lesson to be learned from CS Lewis here, which has to do with his dedication to write back everyone who wrote to him. The lesson is to consider doing the same with those who have sought us out. Think about it! How do you feel when you seek out someone and they write, email, or call you back? I know how good I feel when I get responses back from the articles I send out. Those who respond minister to me; they keep me going, so to speak. On the other hand, how do you feel when you’ve tried to reach out to others but they don’t respond?

If CS Lewis could respond to all of those who wrote him as busy as he was in his life, what excuse do we have not to do the same? It’s a ministry; don’t throw it away waiting for something better.

I sought the Lord, and He heard and answered me, and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34: 4 & Psalm 6:9 combined