Visual Aid

Caddy, cialis discount sand trap

The Idea

To have god in your life to help you out of problems and erase them.

The Scripture

Psalm 32:1 “Blessed is he whose transgressions are forgiven, buy viagra here whose sins are covered.”

Everyone has heard of golf. It’s the sport where golfers hit a ball with a golf club and try to get in the hole. If you’ve ever watched a game of golf you have seen someone walking with the golfer. There are also things called sand traps in the game of golf. They are placed in many different areas on a golf course. They are very hard to get out of. When hit incorrectly, viagra there is a chance the ball will end up in a sand trap. Once the golfer hits the ball out of one, the caddy takes a rake and covers the marks in the sand.

There are sand traps in our life to. Those sand traps represent problems. Sometimes we create those problems because of our sinful actions. This is where God comes in. He is like a caddy. He will give us advice on how to get out of a problem. Once we get out, God will cover the scars so it seems like the problem was never there. He forgives our mistakes. Some people don’t have the Lord as their caddy. When they find themselves in a trap or problem they might not know what to do. Without the Lord as their caddy they may be able to get out of the problem, but the scars aren’t gone. Ask the Lord into your heart. We all need a caddy.

Warren Lukesh