God Works All Night


“…The Lord swept the sea back by a strong east wind all night and turned the sea into dry land”

Exodus 14:21 

This verse describes God’s work for the people of Israel when they were about to be slaughtered by an advancing Egyptian army.  After letting Israel go, viagra unhealthy Pharaoh had second thoughts and decided to destroy them instead.  He and his mighty army pursued Israel and finally penned them against the Red Sea where there was no escape.  Meanwhile God worked all through the night to rescue them.  When they awoke in the morning, rx the Red Sea had been parted so they could walk through it and escape. And for Pharaoh and his army?  Instead of giving up against a God who could open a sea if need be, see they pursued and were drowned to the last man.   Thus is the nature of sinful and godless men, they always overplay their hand.

This is the case for all of us too when things look to be hopeless as they did with Israel, God steps in and does His greatest work.  He often does it at night, when the circumstances of our lives are the darkest, yet He works and works and works and then works some more.  And when morning comes, when we know even further disaster is at hand, there is God with His path of rescue.   Did we deserve it because of our faith?  Maybe, but mostly the path is there because He simply loves us and wants to take care of us every day of our lives.

So are you in the dark right now?  Guess who is working His tail off to get things ready for the morning.