Encouraging thoughts for your kids



This is the day the Lord has made. Therefore focus your prayers on the needs and events of this day.  Yesterday is gone, cialis generic click it cannot be retrieved, discount viagra and the events or circumstances of tomorrow may or may never happen. Today is here, so don’t waste it, begin with prayer?  This is just one of the truths in my book Teachable Moments.  It is a truth that all children need to learn as early as possible. You are the parent, teach it to them. God bless, have a good summer.   

The Alabaster Box

The alabaster box which holds sweet smelling fragrances must be broken first before its perfumes can flow out.  So it is with you, when you are broken in the presence of others, except in your case, the character of God comes streaming out, especially when you trust Him in your trial.  

In a hurry?

Cease to be in a hurry, for if you don’t you will lose sight of God’s face.   So don’t run ahead like an anxious child, take your time.  He’s got everything handled, just like you often do when your children come running to you in a panic.


Preparation for tomorrow

Are your children concerned about what is coming tomorrow? The best preparation for tomorrow is the right use of what they have before them today. And that begins with a morning prayer, reading or hearing God’s Word, and your instruction. 


No Hill

Teach your children there is no hill to look victoriously from that does not have some deep valley surrounding or leading to it.  And with God there is no birth of a truly great hope without many pangs of pain that must come first. 

Walking with the Lord

I shall never be able to go too fast with the Lord in front leading the way; I can never go to slow with Him behind encouraging me all along the way. 

Prayer time?

No one should save his chief prayer time for bedtime, for it is the least likely time for any action that needs to be done to get done.  C.S. Lewis

John Bunyan

While in a Bedford jail in England for demonstrating his faith, John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim’s Progress. This book turned out to be one of the most read and revered books in Christianity.  Bunyan was in jail for years, confined, and separated from his family, yet through it all, he made a great contribution to Christianity. What set of circumstances are keeping you from doing God’s bidding at the moment?  Be like John Bunyan, and teach your children to do likewise; go forward with what God has put on your hearts to do, no matter what you are facing.

What have you learned?

After many years of knowing Christ, I have learned that I needed everything He gave me to live my life here on earth, and nothing He has denied from me.

The Bible and Christianity in Public Schools?

In 1844, a school in Philadelphia announced that it would teach its students morality, but not religion.  It believed that it didn’t need Christianity and the Bible—that it could teach morality without them. The policy caused this case to come before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Here was the finding of that court, “Why may not the Bible and especially the New Testament…be read and taught as divine revelation in the school its general precepts expounded?…Where can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly and so perfectly as from the New Testament.” The Supreme Court ruled that schools would teach Christianity and the Bible—the source of morality.  


One small step of obedience on our behalf often is a big step to receiving a blessing from God. 

Need a compass?

The Bible is like a compass, it always points in the right direction, particularly when helping children find their way. So why not follow where it points; don’t you want to get to where you need to be in this life, and don’t you want the children around you to get there too?  My two books on parenting (Teachable Moments & Sowing Teachable Moments Year One) focus on the Bible as a compass, and are available on my website (Tmoments.com). Go get them when you get a chance, you might be surprised how much they can help you, as well as the children God has put into your life.