Cut away, Lord, cut away!

Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, viagra canada He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit, He prunes it so that it may bear more fruit. John 15:2

A few years ago we had a designated gardener come in to trim our bushes and trees because my wife and I were getting ready to sell our house and move. Our realtor recommended we do this in order to have better curb appeal in selling our home. We were gone most of day when he started chopping and cutting away. When we returned it was dark so we did not notice much until the next morning. When I looked out of the windows I couldn’t’ believe what I saw.  For the first time I saw beautiful flowers and bushes that had been hidden from sight, and even parts of other trees that had been covered up for years.  How could we have waited so long to do this I thought?

In a way those bushes that were hiding so much are like those areas of your life that God would like to clean up and cut away from you. But you don’t let Him because you have grown used to having those oh-so slight sins and wrongdoings around you.  Beside they don’t look that bad, and don’t really harm others all that much.  So you hang onto them and let them be a part of you, blocking your vision on almost everything you do, as those overgrown and unkempt bushes did at our house before they were cut away.

May I suggest that with those areas of your life that you know are not right before the Lord that you simply call on Him to do some cutting away? This is what you do when you simply say to the Lord in the quiet of your heart, “Forgive me Lord, cut away, for I really do want to see what things look like without sin blocking my vision.” He will, and after God’s done, you will be able to observe the beautiful things in your life that were always there but you just couldn’t see them.

Remember, though, old bushes can grow back, and usually do, so let God keep them trimmed. You do this by daily coming to Him and saying, “Cut away Lord, cut away.”

Simple isn’t it! It usually is when you let God be your gardener. Oh yea! If you read His Word on a regular basis, this will help you learn how to do some good gardening on your own, but never without His help and power.