The character of a young child


Therefore encourage one another and build up one another

I Thessalonian 5:11

The world long remembers those who have great character, especially when it is demonstrated in the life of a young child.

There is a story of a mother who brought into her home as a companion to her son, a little boy who was a hunchback. She did because she wanted her son to learn how to love and encourage someone who was different.

In doing this the mother did not want her son to do anything that would hurt the feelings of this new companion, so before-hand she encouraged her son to be careful and not take any unusual notice of the boy’s back.

“Just play with him as if he was normal.”

As the boys began to play, she looked in from time to time to see how they were doing. All looked very good; they were both having a lot of fun.  Then when everything seemed fine, her son started to say something that caused her to gasp. But she did not interfere and decided to just let it play out.

“Do you know what you have got on your back?”

The little hunchbacked boy looked down as if embarrassed, and hesitated to say anything.

“It is the box God has given you to hold your wings and someday

He is going to cut it open, and then you will fly away and be an angel.”

There was a little silent pause at first, but then the little hunched back boy looked up with a big smile on his face. The boys continued to play on that afternoon, and did so for many years after.

Great character, as this little boy teaches us, is not just doing what is right or good, but often it is also what we say to encourage and bring hope to others.


The core of this devotion was taken from Cowan’s Streams in the Desert (December 2nd)