Bunji Jumping

Visual Aid

Bunji cord, buy viagra purchase jumper, buy viagra viagra and bridge

The Idea

If you have faith in God you will be protected and save on the day of judgment.

The Scripture

Hebrews 11:16 “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that is a rewarder of those who seek them.

In bunji jumping you need a jumper, a bunji cord, and a bridge. First you need a brave person that is the jumper. Then a special cord called the bunji. This is a rubber cord with a band to hold you. You can put it around your waist or ankles. Then you find abridge and “JUMP.” But just like Peter you have to have faith that you don’t fall. Just like Peter was in the boat and he saw Jesus walking on the water. Then Jesus said, “Come”, and Peter got out of the boat and walked to Jesus. Then Peter saw the winds and got scared and began to sink. Peter cried out, “Lord, help me!” Immediately Jesus stretched His hand and grabbed Peter. Then Jesus said, “Oh you man of little faith, Why did you doubt me?” This relates to my story because in the day of judgment God can make everyone jump off a bridge with a bunji cord. If you are a believer, God will make your rope strong so it doesn’t brake. If it doesn’t brake you will go heaven. If you have no faith you rope will be weak and break like you don’t even have a rope. This happens because if you have no faith your rope will break and you will go to hell.

Nicole Kaplan