Article 6 A New Earth, We’ll Need It!

A new earth, viagra sales we’ll need it!

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away”. Revelation 21:1

In the Scripture, viagra many very good Bible scholars say that within a generation of Israel returning to its land for one last time, that Christ will return. A great battle (Armageddon) between all nations will precede His coming, and in the process will destroy much of the world. But before the earth is completely ruined, and most of mankind is wiped out, Christ will, Himself, end the conflict. At its end, He will judge those who need to be judged, and then with God the Father and the Spirit, reform a new earth and new heaven.

Israel became a nation again in 1948, so when will all of these events begin to take place? When my wife and I were in college, Hal Lindsey, a biblical scholar and author of the best seller, The Late Great Planet Earth, felt it would be about 40 years.  He thought this because a typical generation in the Bible was about that length of time.

I remember my wife, Myrna, and I were a bit concerned about these 40 years back in the 1960’s right before we got married. It bothered us a little because we wanted to get married and eventually have children before the end came. Even so, we did not rush things and got married when we felt it was the right time. Needless to say when our wedding day came we were both thrilled for that day, and relieved too a little that we made it before the 40 years was up. In other words the end times were in our thoughts, just as the book I read a few days before we got married. It was titled, At Least We Were Married, which was a true story about a young girl who was tragically killed the day of her wedding.

All I can say was, “whew” at the time when I got up to say my vows, for Armageddon was at least 20 years away, and Myrna was safe.

Obviously 40 years was not the length of time of the generation Jesus had in mind when He mentioned it to His disciples in Matthew 24. So, how long was that generation?  I don’t know, nor do many other scholars, for Christ was not explicit when He shared about this last generation. But it wasn’t 40 years, because that would have put all the end-time events in the early 80’s. Sorry, Hal, and others, you were wrong on this one.

Since 40 years was not it, then what are the other possibilities? In my next article I will discuss some of those other alternatives according to the Bible and a bit of deduction.

I have a word of caution, though, just in case you have grown skeptical or even nonchalant about Christ’s return. Remember and don’t forget that in our continuing analogy when a woman heads toward the end of her pregnancy to the birth of her first child, so too does the world progress toward its inevitable end.  It is going to come; it’s just a matter for that delivery day now, which is closer to occurring than ever before.