Article 4 Getting rid of the Golden Dome of the Rock



To interrupt what I was going to say this week about Israel reestablishing itself as nation in 1948, cialis sale which was a huge first step and sign of Jesus’ return to earth, let me delve into something that happened this last weekend.

On Saturday, September 10th, Tanzania experienced a very large earthquake where 16 people lost their lives and several hundred were seriously injured. Not to mention the tremendous damage done to so many buildings and homes. You might wonder what this has to do with the last days and Christ’s return. Perhaps nothing, other than this quake happened on the geological fault line of the Great Rift Valley in that region. Such an occurrence has not only been very infrequent, but extremely rare. In respect to the last days, the Rift Valley does not just run through Africa, but all the way up  through to Israel. If this quake were to start a series of other quakes on this fault line, then it is quite possible that Jerusalem and its surrounding cities could experience the same kind of quake, if not worse. It could knock down buildings throughout Israel, and even Islam’s Golden Dome of the Rock which sits in Old Jerusalem.

“So what?” you might say. Well, one of the last signs before Christ returns is the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem. When this old and historic Temple begins to be rebuilt things are just about over according to prophesy. However, the Temple can’t be built as long as the Dome of the Rock stays where it is, because that is where the Temple must be built. An earthquake would certainly be one way God could do away with the Dome of the Rock if the end time is near.

When Myrna and I were in Jerusalem this last summer, besides seeing the Dome of the Rock which would pale in size and grandeur to a new rebuilt Temple, we saw all kinds of religious objects that were intended to be put into the Temple when it is rebuilt. It was interesting to see these objects openly displayed, which shows it is probably on Israel’s mind to rebuild the Temple if the opportunity arose.

For the moment, though, the Dome of the Rock, which is Islam’s third holiest site, remains. A major earthquake from the Rift Valley could destroy it or it could simply be blown up, which is not out of the realm of possibility since the tensions over there are so high between Israel, the Palestinians, and the rest of the Islamic world.