Article 19 Made Up Rules and Obligatory Acceptance


What would you think of a baseball game where everyone made up their own rules? One player decides it will take five strikes to strike him out at the plate rather than three.  Another determines the game will be over in five innings instead of nine. And still another announces that all hits to the outfield are homeruns, even if caught by opposing players. Meanwhile in the midst of this chaotic and pointless game, everyone is expected to accept another’s alternatives or rules without reservation.

In many ways this is what the world is leaning toward in respect to absolute truth by which all of us must live. What is right for you may be right for you, but not necessarily right for me!

As a result, when it comes to a source like the Bible that teaches nothing but absolute truth on just about every issue of this life, it is ignored, discredited, rejected, and even ridiculed. Most who stand against the Bible and what it teaches believe there is only one overarching absolute truth, and that is there are no absolute truths! Everyone does what is right in his own eyes.  However, a world without any absolute truths is as pointless and meaningless as a baseball game without any set rules by which to play. In fact, why even play the game at all, for someone may determine at the end of the game that the team with the most runs loses.

In the midst of this life without any absolutes, we as Christians are somehow supposed to accept everyone’s game without condition, even if what they do or say violates every principle, standard, and caution God has taught us through His word, the Bible.

My point is simple: don’t follow the world’s lead by rejecting the hundreds of absolute truths beautifully set forth throughout the Bible. God wrote and gave them to us so that we could live this life with complete meaning and without chaos.

Don’t adopt the world’s view of obligatory acceptance of everything it does, for this is not love according to the Scriptures. God’s love is not only full of acceptance, much more than the world could ever give, but also jam-packed with offers of forgiveness, guiding discipline, and purpose. For without God’s absolute truth in play for all of us, the game of life can become as chaotic and pointless as a baseball game without set rules or standards.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. II Timothy 3:16