Article 16 Russia’s amasses its forces to take over Israel



As discussed in the two previous articles on the end times, Russia will come down from the north to attack Israel. Included in its military force will be countries it has reclaimed or renewed a relationship with from the past, to name a few, the Ukraine, Georgia, Crimea, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Armenia, and Moldova.  Russia will also ally itself with other countries that were not a part of the old Soviet Union, primarily Iran. But the biggest alliance will come from many Muslim dominated countries to the south like Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq,  and others in that region.

While attacking Israel, Russia will double-cross and destroy its southern alliances and take over their resources. It can be conjectured that the real reason for Russia attacking Israel in the first place was to actually gain control of the oil resources in that area of the world. Nevertheless, Russia enters Jerusalem with a vast army and in response the Israeli’s flee into the temporary protection of their wilderness areas.

Where is America or China in all of this? We will discuss that in a couple of future articles, and it may surprise you.

Next week I will share with you, according to the Bible, how Russia and its vast force fares in its battle to completely take over Israel, a little nation of only 8 million at best.


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Daniel 11:42-43