Alexander the Movie

December, cialis sales hospital 2004

A supposed blockbuster movie called Alexander is being released this Thanksgiving week.  When I first saw the previews I was very interested in seeing this movie because I am a history buff of sorts.   But I have decided to forgo seeing the movie because of the homosexuality attached to Alexander the Great.   In all my own study of Alexander, cialis I never remember him being a homosexual.  Therefore I can only assume there may be another intended agenda in this movie besides depicting Alexander’s life as a world conqueror.    I based my decision in response to an article written by Arthur Spiegelman from REUTERS New Agency (November 19th, cialis 2004 Los Angeles).   Here is summary of that article.


November 19, 2004

By: Arthur Spiegelman

“Oliver Stone’s new film about Alexander the Great depicts the king as bisexual, fueling outrage from Greeks and prompting Hollywood to ask if a world conqueror with dyed blond hair and waxed legs will be able to attract box office hordes.

One newspaper calls it a case of “Queer Eye for the Macedonian Guy.” Others have speculated that Stone, always a controversial filmmaker, is taking a big risk with a $160 million epic by including scenes of passionate embrace between Alexander and his best friend Hephaestion.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) says the film breaks new ground for a big budget epic because it shows Hephaestion “as the true love of Alexander’s life.”

A line from the film says: “Alexander was defeated only once — by Hephaestion’s thighs.”

Everyone associated with “Alexander,” from Stone to star Colin Farrell, insist the film, which opens Thanksgiving week is historically accurate and reflects the pagan mores of around 330 BC when the Macedonian king captured the world’s mightiest empire, Persia, and pressed on to the ends of the Earth.

Farrell, in a recent interview with Reuters, said he had no problem with the role because “Oliver made the film as historically accurate as possible and ambivalent sexuality was something of the times and part of the character.”

Stone said he kept the movie accurate and had an historian on the set. He added there was no question that Alexander had “a polymorphous sensuality and was an explorer in the deepest sense of the world.”

But a group of angry Greek lawyers say Stone and the film’s distributor Warner Bros., a unit of Time Warner Inc., should be sued for twisting history. The lawyers said they have asked Stone and Warner Bros. to include a reference in the title credits saying the film is fictional. Spokesmen for Warner Bros. and Stone did not have any immediate comment.

Two years ago, hundreds of Greeks from Alexander’s home turf Macedonia, stormed an archeological symposium after one speaker presented a paper on the homosexuality of Alexander.

Stone’s film, which he had been trying to get on the screen for 15 years, was filmed mainly in Morocco and Thailand. The Athens News Agency said no scenes were shot in Greece because of government opposition to Stone’s portrayal of the Greek hero.

Asked if he toned down scenes, Stone maintained he shot the film the way he wanted. The only overtly sexual scene in the movie is a wedding night love scene between Alexander and his wife Roxanne that starts with her putting a knife to his throat after she catches him accepting a ring from Hephaestion, who is played by Jared Leto wearing eyeliner.”

Final Comments

My hope is that this movie is a giant flop; I suggest you not support this film.  You have to be careful what you see these days.   Television, movies, and most forms of the media are very powerful mediums in our culture today, more so than ever before.  They can rightly or wrongly shape our opinions and beliefs.  Much of what Hollywood produces runs counter to God’s truth; they will even twist history to support a point of view.   Let’s face it, the morality that comes from God’s Word does not sell tickets at the box office, but sex and now perverted debauchery does.