I thought I would pass onto you an email I just sent to one of Brodie’s friends, viagra sales for sale remedy Mike Spielman.  My son Brodie and Mike have been friends since high school, buy viagra and even roomed together at Washington State University.  When Brodie made his way off into the ministry after college, malady Mike did too.  Except with Mike, his calling centered more toward the issue of abortion.  A couple of months ago, Mike sent me a book he wrote on abortion.   It is really good, and I suggest you get it.   It is can be downloaded or purchased on his web site, www.abort73.com.   And whether you get Mike’s book or not, his web site is well worth seeing.

Hi Mike,

I just finished your book, Love the Least (A Lot).  I took my time, about a week to read it.   I did not want to miss anything, and besides I am a slow reader, often thinking as I go.    It was very good, written well, and quite logical, convicting, and biblical at the same time.  It was heavy to say the least, going from one important point and issue to the next.  I copied a few of your pages so that I can write some articles on abortion later on.

I don’t know what God has in store for you in regard to what you have tried to do with your Abort73 ministry, you probably won’t know completely until more time passes.   But be assured the Lord called you to do this important work for a many reasons.

On a last note, if this is of any solace to you, when I was a young pastor in Colorado I was faced with the abortion issue at my little church.  I think Brodie was about 9 years old at the time, and his sister, Shannon, was 5 or 6.  I did not know much about the issue at the time; it was so new on the scene.  But there was a group of young parents who came and presented the abortion issue to me, to do something about it, and they were very aggressive to say the least.   So I did, and asked a professor of Colorado Christian College, who was attending my church, to present a biblical basis on abortion.  His name was Ron Lindgren, whom I believe Brodie will remember.  I asked Ron to do it, because I did not feel I was as equipped back then to do a credible job.  Well, Ron did a great job.  I was glad that I asked him to do it.   A young couple in attendance that day came as a last act of desperation to figure out what God had to say to them about a decision they had made for the following day on Monday.  You see, the young girl was pregnant and they were not married.  So they figured through some worldly counseling that it was best to abort the baby.  Neither of their parents knew of the pregnancy, nor what they were planning to do, they had kept it secret.

But because of Ron’s message, they decided to wait.   Instead of showing up at the abortion clinic on Monday morning, they showed up at my office instead.   We had quite a talk, and some prayer, and at the end both decided they would have the baby.   I encouraged them to tell their parents, which they did.  And I also encouraged them to consider marriage, for I could tell they were in love.  In our next meeting, to talk about a possible wedding, the young man admitted that he had never taken the Lord into his life.  He said this, because I had just explained how important it was for parents to have a relationship with Christ, if not for themselves, then for their children.   I then asked him if he wanted to accept Christ as Lord and Savior.  He did and he did!

About a month later many gathered together at that little Colorado church one evening to celebrate the marriage of this young couple.  Of course the little unborn baby was there too, along with the couple’s parents.  All were quite joyous that evening as I remember, definitely no regrets whatsoever.

Myrna and I eventually left that little Colorado church to become teachers at Village Christian schools.   I taught 6th grade, and Myrna was a kindergarten teacher there for several years.  And guess who showed up one day with a kindergartener in hand to put into Myrna’s class.  Yes, you got it, that little girl who would have been aborted, but was not, praise God!

So I leave you with that story, Mike, to say that what you are doing is so very important, even if you can’t always see all the results.

God speed,  Kent