A Child’s View Of Thanksgiving

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year with your families, viagra usa sildenafil and if for some reason you cannot be with them, prescription then I pray that you will enjoy the provision

God has made for you.   I leave you with a devotional thought written from a child’s heart, as well as other Thanksgiving expressions and prayers.


Lois Olson

I learned at my Christian school that Thanksgiving started when the Pilgrims were so thankful to God that they lived through their first cold winter in America.  Lots of the Pilgrims died, so God really took care of those who lived.  I don’t think most people know about that first Thanksgiving though.

We always go to Grandma’s house and have a big turkey with stuffing and lots of mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and olives and pickles and lots of the other food.  I don’t like the sweet potatoes, though.  We spend all day at Grandma’s, and no one ever says thank you to God.  We just thank Grandma.

My teacher says we should always thank God for what we have.  She said most of all we should thank Him for Jesus because He died on the cross to pay for our sins.  I don’t know why He did that, but I guess that was a pretty great thing to do.  Maybe my teacher can tell me.  She really loves Jesus.

This morning I talked to God.  My teacher said I could.  I told Him, “Thank you for Jesus and Thanksgiving.”  I hope He heard me.


For flowers that bloom about our feet;

for tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;

for song of bird, and hum of bee;

for all things fair we hear or see,

Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remember God’s bounty in the year.

String the pearls of His favor.

hide the dark parts, except so far

as they are breaking out in light!

Give this one day to thanks,

to joy, to gratitude!

Henry Ward Beecher

He who thanks but with the lips

thanks but in part;

the full, the true Thanksgiving

comes from the heart.

J.A. Shedd

Thanksgiving, after all,

is a word of action.

W.J. Cameron

Give thanks to the LORD,

for He is good; His love

endures forever.

-1 Chronicles 16:34

As we express our gratitude,

we must never forget that the highest

appreciation is not to utter words,

but to live by them.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Come, ye thankful people, come;

raise the song of harvest home;

all is safely gathered in

ere the winter storms begin.

God, our Maker, doth provide

for our wants to be supplied.

Come to God’s own temple, come;

raise the song of harvest home.

Henry Alford

Let the thankful heart sweep

through the day and, as the

magnet finds the iron,

so it will find, in every hour,

some heavenly blessings!

Henry Ward Beecher

Let us come before Him with

thanksgiving and extol him

with music and song.

-Psalm 95:2

Let us remember that, as much

has been given us, much will be

expected from us, and that true

homage comes from the heart

as well as from the lips, and

shows itself in deeds.

Theodore Roosevelt

Thanksgiving Day comes,

by statute, once a year;

to the honest man it comes

as frequently as the heart

of gratitude will allow.

Edward Sanford Martin

Teachable Moment

At this Thanksgiving,  as you sit down to eat what has been prepared, pray, but before you do, ask each one at your table to mention at least two things they are thankful to God for.   If you have children who are old enough, let one of them write down these words of thanks and praise.  When everyone is finished read them aloud, or better yet, if possible, let one of your other children do this.    Then pray, mingling into your prayer what has been said, written down and repeated.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Dr. Kent McClain