Visual Aid

Football Field

The Idea

To get the Word to Non-Christians

The Scripture

Mark 16:15 “And He said to them, viagra usa unhealthy ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

My game is football. The object is to get the football from your end of the field to your opponents scoring area, viagra sale order their end zone, viagra as quickly and as many times as possible.

The rules are that you can’t catch the ball out of bounds, or beyond the end of the end zone. So the quarter-back must throw the ball accurately for his receivers to catch it.

One of the most spectacular plays in football is when a team has the ball behind their own 25 yard line, then the quarter-back takes a big chance in calling the play. When the ball is “snapped,” the quarter-back throws a long bomb pass to his receiver in the end zone, and he catches it.

Whenever you see a play like this, pretend that you are the quarter-back who is a Christian, the football is the Word of God, and your receiver is a non-Christian. If and when you throw the ball to him, you tell him about God, but you have to throw the ball accurately, or deliver a good message to him for him to catch, or accept the Word. But if you throw inaccurately, or deliver a bad message, he might not catch the ball, or accept the Word of God. Let’s try to make a long-bomb completion for God this week.

Benji Earl